Posted by laurenhartmann on July 4th, 2012 at 2:54 am

A day to dress her up in stars or stripes or red, white and blue and spend the day outside playing in the water and teaching her the fine art of grilling up.

But, then I remembered one minor detail:  fireworks.  Loud.  Fireworks.  Ugh.

Have I finally gotten Fern on a sleep schedule only to have it be ruined by loud, blasting fireworks til the wee hours of the morning?  Im just imagining waking up with her every 15 minutes as twinkly explosions go off over our house and what Im envisioning seems less than awesome.  Also, I just realized we cant actually go watch a fireworks show, since itll be ridiculously loud and thats probably not a great idea for delicate baby ears (unless you strap these bad boys on them).

So, Im pretty sure that the 4th of July is now officially the worst holiday ever.  Maybe that and New Years Eve, since there are fireworks then too and you cant even drink much champagne when youre breast feeding.  Yep.  Officially the worst holiday ever.  Except for the whole freedom thing, that part is what really matters and its awesome, but everything else is definitely sub par.  OK.  End rant.

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