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Want To Keep Your Child From Becoming Obese? You Need To Know These 3 Risk Factors

Obesity is a growing problem, that is the downside to a a world where agricultural science has allowed plentiful food to be grown cheaply. With kids the problem is compounded. Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. A population-based sample of 5- to 17-year-olds, 70% of obese youth had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Maintaining a healthy weight often starts young – but all is not lost if you reach adulthood and are too heavy, because adults know what to do. Kids are less self-aware so they may need you to help them avoid pitfalls.

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New technique to diagnose autism in babies

Scientists have developed a new technique to diagnose autism in babies as young as 12 months.

Dr Josephine Barbaro from Australia’s La Trobe University has developed an accurate set of “red flag” markers of the condition, which include a failure by babies to make consistent eye contact, to smile, show their toys to others, to play social games, point and respond when their name is called.

Barbaro is training medical experts around the globe in the use of her diagnostic method on children under two years of age.

“All typically developing babies are pre-wired to be social, look at other people’s faces, learn from them and copy what they’re doing. Children with autism are not doing this -and we can now accurately identify this at a much younger age and take action,” Barbaro said.

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Ring in the New Year with Healthier Cocktails

With alcohol flowing throughout the holiday season, its important to be mindful of how much you guzzle. Here are 10 delicious cocktails for less than 250 calories a serving.

Each drink serving provide 100 to 120 calories. Combine several shots of alcohol with sugary mixers and you could be looking at upwards of 500 calories a cocktail! Instead, use calorie-free mixers, fresh herbs and spices and use reasonably-sized glasses to moderate portions.

Excess Vitamin Intake Prevents Conception

It often happens that a woman who dreams of getting pregnant, starts taking prenatal vitamins and eating properly before conception. She believes it to be very useful. However, excess vitamins may prevent conception.

Experts from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot led by Professor of Biology Nava Dekel conducted an experiment that proves it.

During the experiment on laboratory mice that were administered high doses of the NAC and BHA antioxidants, it was found that excess vitamins reduced ovulation. According to the experts, this is due to the excessive amounts of antioxidants, affecting the ovaries.

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Healthcare coverage deadline is Monday

DENVER – The deadline to register for healthcare insurance through Connect for Health Colorado is Monday. According to the states website, any person registered by the initial deadline will receive coverage starting Jan. 1, 2014.

The extended deadline is March 2014; however coverage will start later. For some Coloradans trying to beat the deadline, the registering process has been a frustrating waiting game.

A 7NEWS crew tried calling the customer service line the night before the deadline, twice. Around 4 p.m., there was a line of 67 people; the second call around 8 p.m. there was line of 53 people.

Jamie Simon started the registration process Oct. 6, days after the website opened. He did not get his plan until Dec.

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Cutting Costs For Care Is Not Taught In Medical School

There is a national consensus among policy makers and educators that residents should factor the cost of care into decision making – but doctors and those who teach them are not buying in. In a culture of defensive medicine and unlimited malpractice lawsuits, over-testing is common. And there have been decades of stories and television programs stating that doctors should decide how to treat patients, not insurance companies or hospital management.  Of the nearly $3 trillion a year spent on health care costs,  30 percent – over $750 billion annually – is considered wasted care that could be avoided without affecting quality, reports the Institutes of Medicine.  With such runaway costs, the thinking has turned; expenses do matter in a government health care future. Yet

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