Husband of Brain-Dead Texas Woman Forced onto Life Support Sues Hospital
Alcohol Consumption And Cars: Unsafe At Any Level
Want To Keep Your Child From Becoming Obese? You Need To Know These 3 Risk Factors
One species, two outcomes: Team seeks source of body louse pathology
New technique to diagnose autism in babies
Community Members to Help Design DMC’s Community Input Process
Study Examines Meditation Programs of Psychological Well-Being
Ring in the New Year with Healthier Cocktails
Mayo Clinic hosts Ice Hockey Summit II on concussions
Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels Might Raise Alzheimer’s Risk
Glaxo compound slows Lou Gehrig’s disease in animal models
Excess Vitamin Intake Prevents Conception
Healthcare coverage deadline is Monday
A Wrong Molecular Turn For Amyloid Fibrils Leads Down The Road To Type 2 Diabetes
Cutting Costs For Care Is Not Taught In Medical School
73 Percent of Americans Say Congress Does Not Understand Health Care or the Impact of Health Care Laws
‘Money Mentors’ program helping people cope with money management
Palomar Health Becomes First California Member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network
HIV may up risk of heart disease
Vitamin D Supplements Won’t Help Prevent Disease: Review
Cigarette Smoking After Cancer Diagnosis Increases Risk of Death
New York Stem Cell Foundation, NIH partner to study rare diseases
Some CDC workers back at work to deal with Salmonella outbreak
More Reasons to Love Cranberries
British Women to Get Paid for Breastfeeding Their Babies
Oxytocin Can Lead To Monogamy
New oil, gas drilling regulations
Ancient, modern DNA tell story of first humans in the Americas
Cool Sci-Fi Future Is Nigh: Dad Builds Son 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand for
How Chemo Drug Cyclophosphamide Thwarts Graft Rejection In Bone Marrow Transplants
Soft drinks may cause kidney dysfunction
Certain Allergies Plus Blood Pressure Meds Could Be Bad Mix
Dialysis for the Elderly: New Evidence from Mayo Clinic to Guide Shared Decision-Making
Study: Genetics drive neurocognitive decline in aging
Researchers Discover New Path to Address Genetic Muscular Diseases
Some half-billion spent for non-beneficial prostate tests
Non-Toxic Drug Silences Incurable Brain Cancer Gene
Fresh Pumpkin or Canned? 11 Healthy Recipes
Fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats proves hardy survivor
Gwen Stefani Pregnant with Baby #3
Teen traffic deaths increase
Babies Know When Reactions Don’t Match Emotions – At 18 Months
“Obamacare Enrollees Become Urban Legend”
Link Seen Between Hardening of Arteries, Alzheimer’s Plaques
‘Good’ cholesterol may up breast cancer risk
Compound halts neurodegeneration in mice
Mayo Clinic: Cataract Surgeries on the Rise as Boomers Age, Raising Access, Cost Issues
An Essential Part Of Grooming – Skin Care
Two Talented Cancer Surgeons Join UNM Cancer Center
How MRSA Became Antibiotic Resistant
‘Freshmen 15′ or the weight freshman gain may be a myth
Top 5 Fall Vegetables
Teacher collaborative releases guide to support new teachers
Physical Punishment in Childhood Leads to Health Problems as Adults
Transplant gives Sarah chance to live dreams
DEA: Sickening ‘spice’ may be from China
5 Percent of U.S. Kids ‘Severely Obese,’ Experts Warn
Altered gene in mice extends lifespan by 20%
Playing Video Games Can Boost Cognition And Reaction Time
Elderly Baby Boomers May See Caregiver Shortage
Weight Loss for Women using Curves Diet Plans
Weekend Science: The Sunscreen Value Of Beards
Glass of wine a day may lower depression risk
Mayo Clinic’s Influence on Tobacco Addiction and Tobacco Policies Spans Across the Globe
U.K. Won’t Eliminate Embryo Research Authority
Nitric Oxide Can Regulate Gene Expression
Herb of the Month: Lovage
‘Causal overdetermination’ provides middle ground for courts
Health insurance premiums rise faster than wages
Study: Verbal abuse of nurses by doctors, nurses found contagious
Pregnant and Obese: Early Deaths Noted Among Offspring
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome: Lentivirus Gene Therapy Helps 3 Kids
‘Vampire Facelift’ wakes faces from dead
Study of mitochondrial DNA ties ancient remains to living descendants
Free Clinics Say They Can’t Handle 200,000 Uninsured People in Detroit
Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection: In-Vitro Technique Raises Autism Risk
Now, space software to identify Alzheimer’s disease
Searching for hope: A special wish for Xan
Mayo Clinic: Five Tips to Keep Your Summer Safe and Injury Free
Gene Mutation May Have Effect on Benefit of Aspirin Use for Colorectal Cancer
E.U. Leaders Agree on Science Budget
A Honey of a Heart Condition
7-in-10 U.S. adults take at least one prescription
Recipe Spotlight: Lightened-Up Banana Pudding
Do Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Supplements Work?
Penn scientists create human-cell model of pancreatic cancer
How to Survive a Miscarriage?
Playing outdoors lowers bad vision risk
Saudi girl, 14, latest confirmed case of MERS
Federal Regulation Preventing Girl With Five Weeks To Live From Receiving Lung Transplant
Visual Impairment Linked To Diminished Balance
Medicines that promote erectile dysfunction, impotence
Advanced Heart Failure Still Kills 1 in 3 Within Three Years: Study
New Two-story Hope Lodge Casita at Village at Mayo Clinic Set to Open in August
E.U. Offers €5 Million for Middle Eastern Synchrotron
GATA-3 Is Important for the Regulation and Maintenance of the Immune System
UPDATED: Lundbeck depression drug improves attention, memory in animal model
Late Breaking Clinical Trial Results At ERA-EDTA Congress 2013
Expert says doctors must giving antibiotics for colds, coughs
Salmon With Roasted Grapes and Thyme
David Beckham Tops Best Celebrity Fathers List
Exhaustive computer research project shows shift in English language
Drowsy driving deaths prompt law dilemma
Boil-water advisory issued in Clermont
Mild Hyperthyroidism Tied to Higher Death Risk
How Medicare Costs Can Be 0 Billion Lower Over 10 Years
The Depressing Future of American Health Care
Austerity is hurting our health, say researchers
Investigators explore inflammation’s role in Parkinson’s development
Have Fun in the Sun, But Be Sun Smart
First Vaccine To Help Control Autism Symptoms Developed
Virginia Mason Awarded National Honor for Environmental Achievement
Los Angeles events explore Jewish wisdom and wellness
The Veggie Table: Three Ways to Enjoy Nutritional Yeast
Nitrogen has key role in estimating CO2 emissions from land use change
Child’s Immune System Development Depends on the Month of Birth
Report: Hospitals profit from surgical complications
Implant helps treat chronic heartburn
Nearly 30 Percent of Americans Have High Blood Pressure: CDC
Lefties: The Death of Neoliberalism Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, Because Neoliberals Won!
Epigenetic Studies Claim Benefits To Drinking Milk Throughout Lifetime
Chinese herbs may reduce hot flashes
Tablet Computers Acceptable for Reading EEG Results, Mayo Clinic Study Says
UMD scientists test new bird flu vaccine in animals
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease – Study
Privacy Flap Forces Withdrawal of DNA Data on Cancer Cell Line
Mount Sinai Experts Offer Tips for Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Honor of Autism Awareness Month
Non-emergency ER visit may be appropriate
Blogger Spotlight: Anne-Marie Nichols, of This Mama Cooks! On a Diet
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux to Adopt a Child
Experts Question Use of Ankle Blood Pressure to Gauge Heart Risks
Applying for Obama care plan not easy
New therapy shows promise in treating inflammatory breast cancer
Einstein Receives Million Grant to Develop Device for Preventing HIV Infection
Hospital volume affects cancer survival
When It Comes To Cancer Survival, Quality Still Matters
Reaping the Benefits of HFE Nutrition Courses
Flexocrats: The Donut Is Not The Problem, It’s Us
‘X-Files’ creator Chris Carter to attend 30th Insect Fear Film Festival
Mediterranean diet can ward off heart disease: study
The Importance of Being Alone
Turkish Astrophysicist Faces Prison for Objecting to Headscarves
Dialysis Catheters Tied to Higher Risk for Infection, Death, Study Finds
Gina Neely’s Slim-Down
Rise in Drug Costs to Hospitals, Clinics Slowing in 2013
Human stem cell trial set to begin in Japan
9-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth in Mexico
High ascorbic acid linked to kidney stones
Lead Poisoning Correlated To Juvenile Crime
Cruise ship workers may spread illnesses
Bullying ‘gets better’ for most – but not all – teens, study says
Soliciting All Mom Advice: How Do I Entertain a Crawling Baby?
Energy Drinks Pose Risks to Teens, Study Finds
A Bioelectric Signal For Early Detection Of Cancer
Aurobindo Pharma gets USFDA nod for generic Levofloxacin injection
Salk Institute gets M grant to study chronic diseases, establish new genomic center
Evolving Poor Sperm? Semen Quality Of Young Men In Spain Down 38 Percent
NIH Urged to Retire Most Research Chimps, End Many Studies
A Call to Prevent Unsafe High-Risk Medical Devices from Reaching the Marketplace
Healthcare costs a drain on middle-class
Illinois engineer receives Humboldt Research Award
The Most Extreme Restaurant Meals in America
Bone-marrow transplant cures girl’s inflammatory bowel disease
Royals Looking for a Babysitter
10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories This Summer
Babble’s Baby’s First Year Has Moved!
How I lost 35 pounds: Spin, spin, spin
Few Americans know all risks of obesity
8 Food Trends to Expect in 2013
Breast-cancer survivors at higher risk for diabetes
Neuroscientists Find Excessive Protein Synthesis Linked to Autistic-Like Behaviors
What can you learn from a world memory whiz?
Anne Hathaway Pregnant?
Rising off the floor linked to longer life
How do you heal a hospital? A think tank aims for the cure
Weight Watchers-2012 most popular diet
Green coffee bean extract a magic bullet for weight loss? Maybe not
Diet Tricks the Pros Tell Their Friends
Talking With the Co-Founder of Garden Lites
Confronting Hair Loss And Acne Head On
3-Parent Kids to Be Born Next Year
Psychiatry ‘bible’ DSM-5 one step closer to publication
Teething? Already?
Study: Pregnant teens need better help
The anywhere balance challenge
Why do you need to incorporate fats in your diet?
What’s it like to go insane? One young woman tells her story
DNA Packaging Discovery Reveals Principles by which CRCs May Cause Cancer
Thanksgiving By the Numbers
Scientists find a master control gene for blood stem cells
Stomach flu earlier, worse in Britain
Let the Baby Do the Chores
Metabolism-Boosting Diet Plan
Doctors debate ‘fringe’ heart treatment
Vitamins may not help ward off heart disease, studies find
5 Scary High-Calorie Menu Items
Motivational masterpieces: 5 sports movies that’ll get you pumped
Fern’s First Halloween Costume
Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Sleep on their Back
Constant cravings and bad moods can’t be pinned on PMS: study
A reliable environment fosters child’s capacity for self-control
Mount Sinai Researchers Present New Targets for Treating Depression at Neuroscience Annual Meeting
Man dies of rare fever in London
58 Cancers Receive 9/11 Fund Coverage
How getting off autopilot can improve our health
The Veggie Table: Favorite Vegan and Vegetarian Blogs
Why you shouldn’t worry about the new mystery virus
Ditch 5 Pounds Without Trying
Want to perform better? Clench your left fist
Rupert Everett Is Against Gay Parenting
New York passes big soda ban
Why the tyranny of ‘everything in moderation’ sets us up to fail
Health Care Spending in Last Five Years of Life Exceeds Total Assets for One Quarter of Medicare Population
Indulge In Fair Food Without Overdoing It
How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
How I lost it: So long empty calories, hello gym
Author tries raising money for cancer cure
Why seniors may be especially vulnerable to financial fraud
Angelina Jolie and Daughter Vivienne to Star in Maleficent
Everyday Ways to Maintain Your Feel Great Weight
Are inline skates on a roll again?
Exercise is powerful cancer medicine
Local Company Takes ‘Poke’ Out Of Vaccinations
You can get adequate sleep with Melatonin supplements
AIDS prevention pill has its critics
ACR: Medical Imaging Study in Health Affairs Incomplete and Potentially Misleading
Baked Potato Chips: Are They Healthy?
Walt Disney for Healthy Nutrition
Specialist has tips to avoid asthma attack
Photo Gallery: Keeping cool in the heat
Worst Things to Say To Someone Trying to Lose Weight
She wants kids, I’m old enough to be her dad – can this relationship work?
How to prevent bruising from Botox
Pharma Company Studying Oxycontin’s Effect On Children
FDA approves over-the-counter HIV home test kit
Babies, Fireworks and The 4th of July
Baked Mozzarella Sticks
My friend always wants to bring her dog along – can I say no?
Is Penelope Cruz Pregnant?
What you should know about doctors and self-referral fees
Program Uses Entire Family to Tackle Childhood Obesity
How to treat an itchy bug bite
Omega 3 may not help prevent dementia
How do I rein in my obsessive thoughts?
Disney To Banish Junk-Food Ads From Kid Shows
Lose 5 Pounds Fast! Choose Your Favorite Meals
Quesadillas, Revamped
Lost weight? Your friends probably still see you as fat
The Sentimentality of Motherhood
Breastfeeding Mothers’ Diet
Keep an eye out for any important changes during pregnancy week 31
Cancer pills not covered like infusions
Children with Cancer Have Complete Responses in a COG Phase 1 Trial
Warfarin, aspirin both fight heart failure
How to get your ‘friendly bacteria’ fix with probiotics
Longer Commutes May Steal Health, Fitness
Paul’s 2nd Month in Snapshots
Children Do Better in School if Not Afraid of Parents’ Critics
pH Balance Supplements Can Bolster An Alkaline Diet
Cooking lessons open new, healthful worlds for kids
Link between diet soda and health not clear-cut, study says
Best New Accessories for Your Electronic Cigarette
CDC: U.S. Kids With Autism Up 78% In Past Decade
Obese Women at Higher Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study
Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Improve Quality of Life, Reports Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(r)
What Can’t Fish Oil Do?
Art may change brain, help stroke recovery
One-Pot Chicken Parm Rice
James van der Beek’s Wife Gives Birth to a Son
Is retail therapy a bad thing?
Eyedrops for Allergic Rhinitis
Picking the best surgeon for you
Genetic Tweak Helps Mice Avoid Cancer, Obesity: Study
Stopping ‘The Shakes’ With Sound
Fish Oil Supplements May Boost Prostate Health
9 Things All New Moms Should Do For Themselves
Germ warfare: The creation of a lethal virus sparks a debate pitting science against security
Market Watch: Winter Produce
Low Molecular Weight Heparin Use in Cancer Treatment
Cold Baths May Help Ease Muscle Soreness After Workouts
Caregivers improve care, lower costs
Pound exercise class at Crunch Gym marries drumming and fitness
Gluten Intolerance Is A Big Problem
All Nine Justices Will Vote On Health Care
Call a Doctor: 8 Allergy Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore
Healthy Eating Jump-Start Day 17: Eat an afternoon snack
Robin’s Healthy Take: Savory Grapefruit
Kara Captured — Photo Diary Month 1
Heading Soccer Balls Could Injure Brain
Beyonce Gives Birth to a Baby Girl
Spinal Manipulation, Home Exercise May Ease Neck Pain
Nutritional Supplements Can Deliver Many Antioxidants
Ballroom dancing offers benefits to baby boomers
Dr. Don Hayes Appointed Medical Director of Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Programs at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Experts cautious about Facebook’s suicide intervention tool
Cancer Patients Keep their Hair With Chemo Cold Cap
12 Days of Holiday Gifts: No-Bake Truffle Cookies
Fitness May Lower Death Risk Even Without Weight Loss
Kourtney Kardashian Is Expecting Her Second Kid
Study: Women are the ultimate multitaskers
FDA Moves to Speed Development of Artificial Pancreas Systems
Mayo Clinic list helps parents recognize mental-health issues
You should consider all aspects of phlebotomy jobs
Detoxify With Di-Indole Methane
19 Signs Your Allergies Are Acting Up
Creating Life After Cancer
FDA revokes Avastin approval to treat breast cancer
In the Olden Days, We Looked at Photos in Books.
EMR: Medical record Storage and Sharing Made Easy
Former Football Players’ Brains May Benefit From Healthy Lifestyle
Welcoming Vegetarians to Your Thanksgiving Table
Motherhood Changes Brain Function
More Targeted Treatments Key to Progress in War on Cancer: Report
Wine May Please the Palate but Not the Immune System
N.C. State Fair believed source of E. coli
Tough choices over type of surgery
Ginger Root May Reduce Inflammation, Improve Colon Health
Bagged Salads Recalled Over Salmonella Fears
Ottawa infection control breach points to need to scope all clinics
Katie’s Healthy Bites: Healthy Eating for New Moms
Giveaway: Blooming Baby Bath
Neighborhoods With Busy Intersections Discourage Children’s Play
How Are Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro Getting Ready for Kids?
Lip Balm + Hand Cream = Love
Lots of Coffee Might Lower Depression Risk: Study
Hospital experts question some members of Jackson Health System’s new team
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and Takeda Launch Diabetes Navigator Website
The Man Without A Heart
Workplace stress boosts healthcare costs
Pregnant Women Need Plenty Of Vitamin D
Pfizer drug that treats lung cancer patients with genetic mutation approved
5 Secrets To Slowing Aging
What Is a Pollen Count?
USAID Releases New Issue Of Frontlines
HEALTH: Money Needed for ART Funding
Drinking decreases among U.K. youth
Predicting Who Will — and Won’t — Survive a Heart Attack
Nature Special Issue Focuses On Vaccines
Breast density influences breast cancer risk in women
How Testosterone Protects against Inflammation
Lymph Node Test Doesn’t Improve Breast Cancer Care, Study Finds
Ex-marine Iain Cockburn’s sexual discrimination case could cost NHS £1bn
Canadian Fish Scientist ‘Muzzled’ by Government
Government proposes rule changes on human research
Kick Butt Kicks: Tae Kwon Do Kicks for Beginners
SWAZILAND: Economic Crisis Means Short Supply of ARVs
CHINA: HIV Patients Find Treatment but Face Discrimination
Diabetes and obesity co-existing in pregnancy ‘even more worrisome’
Science an ‘Asset’ for Diplomacy, Says New State Department Adviser
Teens Face Own Battles When Parent Goes to War
Integrate NTD, HIV, TB And Malaria Programs
Earlier HIV treatment saves lives, money
Soon, 3D printer to print your new teeth to replace broken ones!
MS Research: Myelin Influences How Brain Cells and Send Signals
Stop TB Partnership Releases 5 TB Prevention Steps
Pfizer to open research center in San Francisco’s Mission Bay
Woman dies and 300 patients at risk after Hepatitis B outbreak at NHS hospital
How Often Should I Work Out?
HIV and Aids: bad news for drug prices in middle-income countries
U.S. Minorities No Strangers to Health Ills
U.S. Needs to Do a Better Job of Charting Ecosystem Trends: White House Panel
KENYA: Providing ARVs to HIV-Negative People Will Strain Resources
Beauty products must first cause guilt
Express Scripts to buy Medco Health Solutions for billion
Late Breaking Research Results From the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2011
WHO Denounces TB Blood Tests In First-Ever ‘Negative’ Policy Recommendation
U.S. Culture Linked to Greater Sunscreen Use Among Latinos
Flu vaccine given to millions of Britons ‘increases child’s risk of narcolepsy’
HEALTH: Poor States Should Start Campaign to Extend Patent Rights
Milk, soy proteins may help lower your BP
Michael J. Fox Foundation launches beta version of Trial Finder
How Many Calories Does Jogging Burn?
Review of BBC Science Coverage Finds Room for Improvement
Experimental Drug Might Help Fight Alzheimer’s After All
WHO To Warn Against Use Of TB Blood Test
HIV Infections Down, but Treatment Access Still Uneven
Growing sense of hope at international Aids conference
Falls, eye test may give clues to Alzheimer’s
How to keep homes cooler during heatwave
Women Bear Greatest Burden of Alzheimer’s
Scientists Use Live Bacteria to Fight HIV
Small Study Suggests Milk, Soy Proteins Lower Blood Pressure Modestly
Global MDR-TB Response Has Been Slow, Report Says
The Fitness Movements Used in Downhill Skiing
Dementia: Agitated patients ‘need painkillers not anti-psychotic drugs’
Eqypt’s Antiquities Boss Is Sacked
Rich Nations Wage Assault on Generic AIDS Drugs
Competitive swimmers risk shoulder injury
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Demonstrates T Cell Immune Response Durability with Fourth Dose of Therapeutic Cervical Dysplasia and Cancer DNA Vaccine
HEALTH: A Phone Call Could Provide HIV/AIDS Treatment
DVS Sciences raises .6 million
ICON acquires Firecrest Clinical to enhance site performance and quality
GHI Releases Country Strategies Guidance
Grape seed extracts may protect against Alzheimer’s disease
Daily pill can prevent HIV infection
Keep Sun Safety in Mind This Summer: Experts
Waiting times
After Fukushima, Nuclear Task Force Wants Major Changes for U.S. Plants Rules
Pets Pump You Up, Study Finds
MALAWI: Fears of Sustainability of New ART Regime
Pivotal Study In Africa Finds That HIV Medications Prevent HIV Infection
Tips on Food Safety for Camping: Choosing, Packing and Storing Foods
Researchers And Advocates Form New Vaccine Foundation
Diesel exhaust fumes up heart attack risk
BRICS Health Ministers Agree To Improve Access To Low-Cost Medicines
Contact Allergies Associated With Lower Rates of Some Cancers
Vycor names head of strategic advisory board
U.S. income inequality may affect lifespan
New U.S. Program Funds Research Collaborations in Developing World
How much alcohol is REALLY safe? Scientists
PharmAthene’s rPA Anthrax Vaccine Program Demonstrates 36 Month Product Stability
Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes, Smog Linked to Depression, and Foods to Boost Sun Protection
Thirty Years On, AIDS Epidemic a Women’s Battle
Living with HIV in Ukraine
Gold nanoparticles may help in cancer treatment
Yellowstone River Spill Not Good for Wildlife, But Could Be Worse
Medivir receives Fast Track designation from FDA
New mom guide for hormonal contraceptives
Pakistan Facing Challenging TB Epidemic
AIDS Funding Gap Threatens Treatment Targets
Before the Cooking: Food Preparation Safety Tips
Indian health minister under fire for homosexuality remarks
Health Tip: The Benefits of Meditation
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Collaborators Present Positive REOLYSIN Clinical Trial Results at the 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer
Arcapta Inhaler Approved for COPD
Light drinking during pregnancy ‘is safe’ and will not harm your baby, claim experts
Massage therapy works wonders for lower back pain
Maryland tweaks sunscreen rules
JAPAN: HIV Cases Rise as Awareness Wanes
China to spend billions on biotech development
Lancet Seminar On Tuberculosis
Talk point: HIV and Aids – can MDG6 be met by 2015?
Alkermes Announces Positive Results from Clinical Study of ALKS 9070 For Treatment of Schizophrenia
Parents fear their children can be damaged by using Internet
U.N. Political Body Digresses into “Non-Security” Issues
Russia defies growing consensus with declaration of ‘total war on drugs’
500,000 overweight children at risk of the ‘silent killer’ of liver disease
Woman Loses Eye in Bottle Rocket Attack
Kentucky Goes on the Offensive Against Colorectal Cancer
Foods Rich in Niacin
U.S. National Parks’ Cultural and Natural Resources Threatened
MSF Website Lends Voice To TB Patients
Men have advantage pinpointing sound
Boston Scientific launches Interlock
Flu Shots for Pregnant Women Also Protect Newborns, Study Finds
Another Push for Reproductive Rights
Scientists find way to ‘mend broken hearts’
miRagen Therapeutics and Collaborators Identify Key Role for miR-133a as a Modulator of Skeletal Muscle Disorder
IPS Examines Access To Treatment For Drug-Resistant TB
Five maternity deaths spark investigation into failing health trust
If you’re HIV positive, safe sex isn’t just about condoms | Deborah Jack
Navigating Challenges, Brazil Steps Up AIDS Response
Los Alamos Fire: Why Nuclear Waste Is Probably Safe
Flu Shots for Pregnant Women Also Protect Newborns, Study Finds
Junk-food ads boost kids’ appetites: study
Premature aging from some HIV drugs
Foods that Increase the Risk for Migraines: Avoid Them at All Costs
ChemoCentryx reports CCX140 meets primary endpoint
New Mexico Fire Hits Los Alamos Lab
QRxPharma Releases Additional Data on Phase 3 Comparative Safety Study for MoxDuo IR
Michelle Obama visits Africa
Health Decisions creates ‘fixed-price trial’ model to incentivize CRO performance and speed timelines
Baby boy born at 24 weeks returns home to delight of parents who lost his tragic twin
Vitamin D, Calcium Combo May Halve Melanoma Risk in Some Women
Ten Global Public Health Achievements
RIFM Respiratory Science Program Manager Authors Book on Nanoparticles and Lung Effects
Cut down on carbs ‘to reduce body fat’
Pfizer’s ‘virtual’ clinical trial could have far-reaching implications for future research productivity
Stem Cell Briefs Probe Whether Grants “Incentivize” Embryo Destruction
Drug Use May Play Role in 25% of Driver Deaths, Study Finds
Building Vaccines for the “Bottom Billion”
Buying Oils and Spreads That Have No Trans Fats
CDC Cites Benefits of Expanded HIV Testing Program
Caring for husband may cut longevity
Chocolate milk is ideal drink to recover from exercise, claim scientists
Rats Help Tackle Humanitarian Issues
Positive Results for Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery PCI With Drug-Eluting Stents
Chinese dissident Hu Jia’s wife visits him days before his release from jail
Chronic constipation tied to women’s heart risks
The 5-Minute Workout, 11 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Fats, and Why the Internet Is Giving You Popcorn Brain
Failure in Science, Quantified
Achieve optimal digestive health with these 10 simple tips!
College students sleep longer, drink more
Aids and HIV: 30 years on, millions of lives are being saved
Living with Pets May Protect Infants from Allergies
What Are The Costs Associated With Vapor Cigarettes?
Many Retirees Prefer The Dignity Of Assisted Living Facilities
Nuclear Phaseout Will ‘Pay Off’ for German Energy Research, Says Panel Chair
Women Who Delay Returning to Work Breast-feed Longer
Nature Special Issue Focuses On Vaccines
The Germiest Place in Your House, Healthy Brownies, and the Best Natural Tooth Whiteners
Chinese Journalists Barred From Shuttle Launch
WHO report finds rich and poor nations now battle all kinds of diseases
IRIN Examines High Risk Of TB Infection Among Health Workers In Kenya
TxCell extends phase I/II trial for Crohn’s disease
Middle-aged and worried about having a heart attack? A jogging test could reveal your risk
Could Aids drug trial help end the stigma around HIV?
California Community Foundation adds new staff
Forget Atkins… carbs could help you LOSE weight
TB Medication Variations In Private Markets Could Harm Treatment Efforts, Study Says
‘Stink bomb’ gas that can help your love life take off
Axcan & Eurand change to Aptalis
Weightloss: From cinnamon to seaweed, the foods that naturally curb your appetite and help you shed pounds
Once-daily Zytiga FDA-approved for prostate cancer
Also In Global Health News: Libya Food Shortage; PMTCT In Swaziland; TB Detection In U.K.; Food Issues In Foreign Policy Magazine
Otonomy reveals positive results in Meniere’s Disease study
MRSA bug’s resistance to antibiotics is cracked by scientists
My bright idea: Mary Collins
PLC Systems’ CFO moves to Clinquest
Parents in Rhyl demand action to combat head lice in schools
Warner to cut 500 jobs
My new hand will help me take care of my daughter, says transplant mother
New JAMA Issue Focuses On Infectious Diseases And Immunology
Effective rural development means knowing what people need
Should Japan Bank Stem Cells From Fukushima Nuclear Workers?
Opinions: Poverty Footprint; Aid To Promote Good Governance
Family of four lose 44st after taxpayers pay for their gastric bypass surgery
‘Four apples daily can cut cholesterol by a quarter’
Ex-Cop Builds Bicycle-Powered Winch to Bolster Arctic Research
Kenya: Patients on ARVs hard hit by drought and high food prices
World Health Day 2011 Highlights Problem Of Antimicrobial Resistance
Alternative Treatment Options for Bone Cancer
What you need to know going to CNA interview
Senate Rejects Bid to Stymie EPA Climate Regs
“Bold Decisions” Needed in AIDS Struggle
Girls in Some Sports Face Raised Risk of Stress Fractures: Study
Pension fund sues Cephalon over Valeant buyout
Causes of Persistent Nausea
Sanofi collaborates with Columbia University
Chemicals in plastics linked to early menopause: Study
Study: Most Obese Moms, Kids Underestimate Their Weight
Millennium expands cancer pact with Seattle Genetics
Laser Hair Removal For Women The Painless Way
What you need to know before staring home medical billing business
No Quiet Old Age for South Africa’s Grannies
Presciption charges to rise from £7.20 to £7.40 in England – but Scotland get medicines for free
U.S. Bioethics Panel to Review Clinical Trials Around the World
‘Ibuprofen cuts Parkinson’s risk by 38 per cent’
HEALTH-BURMA: Global Fund Back With New Hope
New Quintiles initiative saves investigative sites the time, and cost, of patient recruitment advertising
Brain’s Electrical Activity May Help Spot Infants at High Risk for Autism
Obama AIDS Plan Stumbles over Funding
What really causes runner’s high
Hungary dam red mud not as bad as thought
In-Hospital Blood Sugar Levels Should Be Higher: Report
CRI buys Lifetree, combining investigative sites on both coasts and across all trial phases
Healthcare repeal would harm women around the world | Michael Williams
Automobile is no place to store chocolate
Greater Caution Urged for X-Rays in Pregnancy, Infants
Jonathan Grimshaw: ‘I tested HIV positive in 1984′ – interview
MMG hosts forum to examine causes of, solutions to low Hispanic and Latino clinical trial participation
Gas station fumes detected 100 yards away
Are Super Bowl Ads Bad for Our Health?
SOUTH AFRICA: Delayed Drug Registration Could Affect Region
Painless, non-invasive cancer biopsies
Children May Pack on Pounds After Tonsillectomy
AP Reports On Global Fund Grant Money Lost To Corruption, Global Fund Responds
Darcy Padilla’s Julie Project: when photography becomes humanitarian | Sean O’Hagan
Growing Herbs for a Healing Garden
Study Finds No Rise in Post-Abortion Mental Health Issues
SOUTH AFRICA: How Better ARV Prices Were Won
Heavy drinking may raise abnormal heart rhythm risk
SWAZILAND: Free Primary Education – If You Can Afford It
John Fenn obituary
Two-Year ZILVER PTX Trial Results Show Drug-Coated Stents Keep Leg Arteries Open: Presented at ISET 2011
FDA issues 19 action items to improve transparency
Americans may be happier than expected
Obese? What Your Doc May Be Overlooking
ARGENTINA: Disfiguring Fat Compounds Stigma of AIDS
Knowledge of trial process can drive away volunteers
Complaints filed against French diet drug
Too Much TV Time May Hurt Your Heart
Drug company’s loss could be Africa’s gain
Busy hospital sealed off by swine flu as 22 patients battle virus in intensive care
PAKISTAN: When Men Fear Telling Their Wives About HIV
Life Expectancy, Other Health Indicators Improve In Asia-Pacific, OECD Report Says
UN accused of risking women and children’s health
Bionic eye will help the blind ‘see’
Child’s lack of friends risks teen blues
Struggling to Quit Smoking
Survey: relationship between FDA and life sciences industry deteriorating, delays in review process cited
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Long Term Data Presented at ESC 2010 Further Support the Benefit of TheSirolimus Drug-Eluting Stent Compared to The ENDEAVOR(R) Zotarolimus-Eluting Stent in Important High-Risk Subgroups
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